General Rules and Regulations for Class

1. Upon entering the dojang (martial arts school) give traditional bow & remove your shoes.

2. All students are to stand and bow whenever an instructor approaches. Never bow from the sitting position.

3. The first thing the student is to do upon entering the dojang is to sit down facing the flags and meditate for 5 minutes.

4. The only talk allowed in the dojang will be concerning taekwondo training. Voices are to be kept low as not to disturb others.

5. No jewelry allowed in class for safety reasons.

6. Students are required to keep regular attendance.

7. There is no drinking, chewing gum or smoking allowed during class or in the presence of the Master Instructor.

8. Students must address Head Instructor or Master as Kwan Jang Nim (5th dan & up) other instructors as Sa Bum Nim. Assistant instructors are addressed as Mr., Miss or Mrs.

9. If you have a question for the instructor approach him or her, standing three feet in front, bow and ask question politely.

l0. Never talk back to your instructor.

11. No profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, or loud talking is permitted in the dojang.

l2. Uniform must be kept clean and club crests worn.

13. During class you must turn around to adjust uniform.

l4. Practice only those techniques which have been presented to you by the instructor. Do not try to skip ahead through observation of higher belts.

15. No free sparring without the permission of your instructor.

16. Co operating with your partner during training is necessary to achieve maximum benefits of training. Practice techniques according to your partner’s ability.

17. Do not lose your control. There are no shortcuts. Patience and persistence are the keywords for successfully achieving your goal.

l8. Students must reply “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Sir” when answering the instructor.

19.When a student sees a higher ranking belt they should stop what they are doing and bow.